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Hey, I’m Brie!

I’m a plant enthusiast here to help you stop killing plants and become a confident plant parent to your own indoor jungle.

So whether you’ve got a brown thumb you want to turn green, you’re adding a couple of plants to brighten your space, or you’re ready to go all in and create your own personal home jungle – I can help. 

I share beginner-friendly plant care advice so you can help your plants be at their happiest and healthiest.

You’ll have everything you need to make your plant thrive, right from the get go. Enjoy!

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My Plant Obsession

When I moved from my rural childhood home to the city, the first thing I missed was the green space. Walking the narrow cobbled streets of Florence (my first home away from home), I missed being surrounded by trees, plants, and green things.

Over the years, I’ve lived in several tiny apartments, and made do with indoor plants of all shapes and sizes, plus as many herbs and veggies I could squeeze onto my balcony! My home is my little green oasis where I’m always plotting ways to fit in just one more plant.