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Brianne Kirbyson

small space gardening - Brie from Lobotany
When I moved from my rural childhood home to the city several years ago, the first thing I missed was the space. Walking the narrow cobbled streets of Florence, Italy (my first home away from home) I would stare enviously at the balconies and private gardens of those luckier than I, wishing I could have any space in which to garden.
Fast forward a few years, and I now have a tiny apartment in Toronto, Canada, with a key feature — a balcony! It’s my little green oasis where I’m always plotting to fit just one more plant into.

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Dreaming in Green

Urban gardening is rising in popularity, and for good reason.

People are taking back control of their cities and their food, by growing their own and beautifying their small spaces with everything green. However, we’ve sometimes found frustration while seeking gardening advice unique to our most limiting condition:


Lobotany blooms out of this need for information specific to the urban gardener. A small space gardener is often required to think outside of the box, and “smart gardening” will help you get the most out of your space.

We seek to offer simple and actionable gardening advice that you can go out and use in your garden right away. The goal is to have a green space that adds beauty and contributes healthy food to your life, for the least amount of time and money.

After all, nobody needs their garden to become a second job!

Our philosophy is founded upon the idea that learning together, and learning by doing is the best way. What knowledge we lack, we find in others, and we hope to provide a place where you can both learn and share your knowledge.

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