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how to grow grapes in containers

How to Grow Grapes

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It is now incredibly easy to grow grapes in an urban garden thanks to the advent of dwarf grapevine varieties that can be found in many nurseries.

We’ve experimented with the Pixie Grape ourselves. These miniature grape vines only need a small container to grow, 6-8″ diameter at a minimum. Growing to only 18-24″ high, you can fit one of these little guys almost anywhere.



If you want to try your hand at growing a full-sized grape vine, you’re going to need a bit more space. You’ll need a container that holds 15 gallons of soil at minimum, and room for a large trellis for the grape vine to climb.

Keep in mind that when you grow grapes of the regular size and variety, you need to  give them at least two years to establish themselves before they’ll start producing fruit (dwarf plants will produce right away).

To eliminate the guesswork in selecting the right size containers for your plants, we’ve put together a list of commonly grown herbs, veggies, fruit and flowers along with the minimum pot sizes required by each.

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Keep moderately moist, but do not over water. Make sure your container has good drainage, as grapes don’t like having ‘wet feet’.


Where Can I Grow It?


Grow grapes of the dwarf variety in a sunny location indoors or out, but make sure they are kept in a cool protected location over the winter.

Grape vines need to go through a period of dormancy brought on by cold weather in order to produce fruit again the next year. Make sure there is some sort of support for the grape vine to climb where ever you plant it.


Growing Tips


Fertilize three times per season, about once per month with any balanced fertilizer. Stop fertilizing mid summer to slow vine growth and allow fruit to ripen.

All grape vines will need a trellis to support them. Most dwarf grapes will come with a miniature trellis when you buy them from a nursery.


Companion Planting


Although grapes do not offer any beneficial effects to other plants when grown together, they themselves can benefit from being planted along with the following: beans, basil, chives, oregano, peas and geraniums. Avoid planting grapes too close to cabbage, garlic, or radishes.

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  1. I’m looking for different types currants and can they be grown in containers successfully what kind soil they prefer? Whats best way to combat groundhogs?Been gardener all my life but moved from Middle Nebraska to Missouri Ozark Region 10 yrs ago and have not really had successful garden since.Some years cukes okay others tomatoes but never really had great garden since moved here..Any suggestions. love tomatoes ,cukes ,beans,zucchini here we are almost end may nothing planted yet.Had wonderful looking plants started from seed and all of sudden they all turned yellow died like they had blight i was sick when saw them

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